FAQ Is it has camera? No. petSTAION-lite is a lower-cost version of petSTATION-org that has no camera. It could be suitable to whom has another IP camera or needs not camera. Can it make a call via 3G/LTE when it loses WiFi signal? Yes. it can. You can make a call with petSTATION if your smartphone was connected to internet via 3G/LTE or WiFi. Is it support all kind of smartphone?  The free iOS and Android app can be downloaded from App/Play store. It supports iPhone 4(iOS 7) or later and Android 4.0 or later. What the the quantity served at a time? It can be adjusted between 5 to 100g with 5g step. Is it suitable for large dogs? This product is applicable to puppies and small dogs and all kind of cats. Unfortunately it is too small for large dogs over 10kg. Is it easy to setup ? There is no need to change the router settings and connect to a PC. All settings are available in the smartphone apps. Does the electric bill come out much? petSTATION had been designed with ultra-low power components. So the electricity consumption per month is less than 2kWh.

Smart Pet Care System petSTATION-lite, as the name implies, is a smart, state- of-the-art caring device that takes care of your loving pet when you have to leave your pet at home. Using wireless internet connection, you can now talk and feed your pet from your smartphone from anywhere. You can also configure the device to feed your pet at scheduled time intervals and by using the “Smart Call” function, you can be reminded of your pet’s feeding time. petSTATION-lite is not just a feeding device but is a creative means of maximizing the sense of union with your pet. With petSTATION, you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet alone at home.

Product Features World’s 1st and only smart pet care system Integrated Remote Control Function Integrated Voice Call Function Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) Connectivity Automatic Call Function (Smart Call) Precise Feeding Timer Hygienic and Scrupulous Design Easy Installation that Anyone can do Support free iOS and Android Apps

Various Feeding Functions Manual Feeding You can feed through a button press. Reserved Feeding It allows petSTATION to release feed at programmed time intervals. When reserved feeding time is on, your pre-recorded voice will play before feeding. Remote Feeding You can feed using smartphone at outside.

Voice Calling Dedicated iOS/Android Apps When you download and install a dedicated free app from the App/Play store, you can talk and feed your pet in your house at anytime anywhere. Clear Voice Calling at 3G/LTE or WiFi Connection  You can make a voice calling at 3G/LTE connection as well as at WiFi connection. Bi-directional Audio Link You can speak to your pet and can hear the sound of pet’s side.

Smart Call petSTATION can call to me ?! What is Smart Call ? Smart Call is a function wherein petSTATION is programmed to send call to master’s smartphone if certain conditions for smart calling are met. 2 conditions for Smart Calling Please call to me at your meal time .. Moments before reserved feeding schedule You can configure to call to you at the moments before reserved feeding time, so you can see your pet have a meal. Are you hungry? or missing me? Detect of sound by microphone You can configure to call to you when your pet bark near the petSTATION and detect the sound by microphone.

Smartphone App Support iOS / Android App Support free apps for iPhone and Android smartphone. iPhone 4, 4S, 5S, 6, 6+ (iOS 7 and later) Android 4.0(Icecream sandwich) and later Voice Calling You can voice call with petSTATION at anytime anywhere via smartphone app. You can make your family also connect to petSTATION for voice calling. Setup All settings of petSTATION including reserved feeding schedules, smart call and speaker volume can be configured using app. Community / Q&A / Help You can asscess in app the community BBS, Q&A and help menu.

Registering the petSTATION using smartphone at once  Connecting to PC or changing the router's settings are not needed. To complete connecting the smartphone app to petSTATION, 1 min will be sufficient.  1. Touch the ‘+’ at left top of app  2. Search router and enter password  3. Bring the phone to petSTATION  4. Succeed to add(register)!

Upright Design to the Basics No jamming! Super DC geared motor can overcome the jammed feedstuff. And stir bar also can prevent the feedstuff jamming. It’s Precise ! The feeding quantity is precise and uniform as it was designed with grooved roller. It’s Scrupulous ! Storage tank and tray are detachable and washable.

Will it cost much if I use voice call?  Our voice call service is free. If you voice call petSTATION from your smart phone in Wi-Fi zone, voice and data calls are free. However, as calls can be charged when calling from areas where Wi-Fi is not available, please take precautionary measures when making such calls. Also, the voice quality may vary depending on the telecom operators used.  Are you worried about electricity bill? petSTATION had been designed with components with ultra-low power consumption just like the ones used in portable devices. Electricity consumption of petSTATION per month is less than 2kWh which is quite minimal and even less than the combined standby power of 1-2 household appliances. Energy conservation is an essential part of our lifestyle in preventing depletion of resources and global warming.

Specifications  Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)   IEEE802.11bgn  Voice call include Microphone $ Speaker Voice recording   up to 20 seconds Adaptor input voltage   AC 100 ~ 240V  DC input voltage   DC +11 ~ 13V  Power consumption   standby < 2W, video calling < 5W  Operating temperature   0 ~ +60℃ (Storage temperature : -10 to 70℃)  Capacity of storage tank   about 700g  Usable feed types   dried feed (5~10mm)  Q’ty of feeding unit   adjustable between 5 ~ 100g with 5g step  Application   for puppies and small dogs ( < 10kg ) and all kind of cats  Dimensions   320mm X 350mm X 170mm  Weight   about 3kg